Dramatic New Footage Of 9/11 Attacks On NY

New footage has been revealed of people witnessing the 9/11 attacks on New York. One disturbing account is by a student living near the World Trade Centre.

The collection reveals some astonishing real-life stories that came out of the terror attacks.

One of the personal accounts is recorded by a student who shares a room with a friend on the 32nd floor of a building, eight blocks from the World Trade Centre.

Completely bewildered by the black smoke billowing from the North Tower on the clear, sunny day, one of the students describes the scene as "unbelievable".

"It woke us up, it's like an explosion," she adds.

Their confusion soon turns into panic when they see "objects" plummeting from the tower windows.

Audible in the background is a news reporter on the TV announcing that a plane has crashed into the iconic skyscraper tower.

Moments later a second plane slams into the South Tower and suddenly there is the awful realisation that America is under attack.

"Oh my God, it's terrorists," screams one of the students.

The horror of the attack leads to more screaming before the same woman says: "I'm so scared, I'm leaving."

The pair are then seen leaving their room in a hurry and joining a lift full of people trying to escape the building.

Real 911 calls are played out over images of those trapped in the towers above where the planes hit.

The emergency services tell those in peril to stay where they are and wait for help as firefighters race into the

buildings and battle their way up the towers to tackle the flames.


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